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Water Softener

Water softeners can provide a number of fantastic benefits for you and your family, not to mention your wallet. Hard water is a big problem in many areas of the United Kingdom, and can lead to a number of problems relating to your appliances and heating. It can cause scale to build up within your pipes, washing machine, dishwasher and kettle, by the deposition of calcium and minerals.

The benefits that a water softener can provide are huge and include the following:

  1. The efficiency of your heating systems can be improved by having softened water.
  2. The life of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and showers can be extended with softer water, and it will also reduce the need for maintenance.
  3. Over time scale will be removed in heating systems, appliances and bath and sink taps.
  4. Having soft water can save you money in maintenance of appliances, heaters and showers.
  5. Certain skin conditions (such as eczema) can benefit from softer water.
  6. Considerably reduce the amount of cleaning products, washing powder, soap and shampoo you consume.
  7. Clothes and crockery can benefit from washing with soft water, enhancing the colour and shine.
  8. You will notice hair is softer and easier to manage when using softer water.
  9. You will benefit from softer bath water without the need for bubble bath.
  10. Soft water will rinse away without leaving any scum.

Water Softener Solutions
At Electrostore Online we provide a selection of water softener solutions that can meet the needs of any hard water problem.

  1. Water Wizard: This water softener is perfect for an average size family home and is our lowest cost option at £45.95
  2. Water Magic: This water softener is more suited to larger homes and is competitively priced at £79.95
  3. Water Heavy Duty: This water softener is perfectly suited for larger premises with a high volume of water usage. A fantastic price at £109.50
  4. Water Heavy Duty +: This water softener is our most heavy duty and is suitable for large premises such as guest houses and hotels. The cost is £185.50