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PH Soil Meters

Soil Meter FAQ


Q          Is the soil meter suitable for both indoors and outdoors ?
          Yes. Clearly there may be much lower light levels indoors but otherwise all environments are catered for.

Q          Is it complicated to use ?
          No. Set the 3-position switch to select what it is measuring, and insert it in the soil to get the reading. After use, just clean & dry the 2 probes.

Q          Where does it get power from ?
          Although it uses electrical measuring methods, it does not need a power supply or batteries! It gets its own power from the sun or soil as it does it’s job.

Q          Is the product safe ?
         Yes. It uses tiny electrical currents (about 1 volt)

Q          How long will it last ?
          There is nothing that particularly places a limit on how long the monitor lasts, and  so it is simply determined by how well it is looked after. Note that if the Monitor is left in moist soil (and it should not be!), there may eventually be corrosion of the probes, so it is recommended that it is cleaned, or more particularly dried, after each use.

Q          How do I know what sun/water/pH is required for my plants?
          Sorry, we can’t answer that one, because every variety & species is quite different from each other. There is plenty of such information available for plants but you will need to know the name of each plant. In general, any extremes of pH or moisture are likely to be uncomfortable for most plants, so it is always useful to be able to measure these factors, and to check that the measurements are ‘normal’, i.e pH=7, moisture=5.