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Electronic Water Descalers

Water Magic (90 days money back + 5 Years extended guarantee + Aerial Extended Lead)



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Water Magic has a boosted output to suit larger than average homes, or where hard water is particularly troublesome, and deals effectively and neatly with an age-old problem by using modern technology. There is no plumbing work required, or chemicals consumed; the solution is purely electronic, fitted in moments, and maintenance free.

Hard water is experienced in many parts of the world where limescale deposits cause damage to water systems and various heating & washing appliances. The calcium carbonate layer builds up over time and impedes water flow as well as forming a heat-insulating barrier that reduces the efficiency of boilers, radiators and kettles, leading to higher bills.

Water Magic is an easily fittedĀ computerised water descaler to condition your water supply. It focuses a special magnetic field into the flowing water and inhibits the formation of crystalline limescale. It gets to work immediately, and can even reduce previous limescale build-up over time.

It features an Antenna that is easily fitted around the pipe (requires a gap of just 8mm between the pipe and the wall), and an electronic Control Unit that is mounted nearby (adhesive pads supplied). The supplied Power Adapter plugs into a regular power outlet socket, and uses very little electricity (comparable with an alarm clock or video box in stand-by).

The LEDs always give confidence that the system is working correctly because the computer is constantly checking operation both inside and outside of the unit, so even if the antenna were unplugged, there would be a clear warning.