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Electronic Water Descalers

Water Descaler Benefits

* Substantially reduce “scum” marks on sinks, baths & kettles.

* Chemical free solution to water descaling and softening.

* No moving parts, fit and forget.
* No need for regular refilling or maintenance.

* Self-monitoring, will indicate any system fault, internally or externally.

* Avoid using more of environmentally damaging cleaning materials that become less effective in hard water.

* Does not effect the chemical composition of the water, is healthy to drink.

* Relatively low cost solution.

* All the benefits attributed to softer water, kinder to skin etc.

* Less Detergent Required

* Reduce Heating Costs. Avoid using increasingly more fuel to drive the system as scale reduces flow.

* No tricky installation, easy to attach, & plug into standard power outlet.

* Avoid having to prematurely replace pipe-work, boilers, storage tanks, radiators, showers, washing machines, etc. due to scale build-up.