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Building A Low Maintenance Pond

Garden ponds – as many of you are well aware – can surprisingly be very hard work to maintain. Pond filters and old valves may need to be replaced, blanket weed needs to be controlled, regular checks for chemicals and toxins, maintaining the waters pH levels, while most importantly - it is essential to monitor the health of your fish! It’s actually exhausting just thinking about these jobs.

Therefore many people do not have quite enough to time spare to fully dedicate to pond maintenance. However, it is possible to build a beautiful pond that takes lesser maintenance effort. However, we advise against anyone building a pond that cannot provide adequate maintenance, as this will only lead to fish being neglected and poorly looked after etc.

Discussed below are a few points that you can consider while planning your low maintenance garden pond;

  1. Avoid starting a pond near trees, as you will spend the rest of your life “fishing” leaves out of your pond.

  2. Low-lying areas of your garden should also be avoided due to rain water carrying with it dry leaves, fertilizers and other toxins will find its way into the pond.

  3. Make sure you install a deep pond, as fish can freeze in shallow water.

  4. Ask your fish supplier for fish that are simple to look after. Do not keep Koi if you are unable to provide the time for them. Also it is important to not overstock the pond, otherwise it might create a “battle for survival” environment.

  5. Native plants will easily adapt to the environmental factors and hence will require less maintenance.

  6. Plan on having adequate biological and UV filters in your pond along with mechanical ones, as this will keep the water clean and free of debris. Filter maintenance will not be such a major issue and can be done once a month.

  7. Finally, the key to a successful pond is a balanced eco system, so your pond is complete with a variety of pond plants, rocks, stones and fish.

Follow these basic guidelines for building a low maintenance pond, which should provide you will a fantastic feature in your garden – but won’t turn you into a full-time groundskeeper.