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The problem for plant growers is knowing if the conditions are just right for every plant, and of course they all have somewhat different needs, often extremely different. Unfortunately, their only way of telling you that something is just not right is by wilting or dying, and you still don’t learn what the problem was.

The EL-SM-METER3IN1 is a 3-functions-in-1 Soil Monitor that electronically makes scientific measurements so you can control those growing conditions.

The instrument integrates special soil probes with the meter into a single unit and displays the amount of moisture in the soil at root level, the soil’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) and also the strength of the sunlight. The measurement values are displayed on an easy to read meter. It is self-powered, so it requires no batteries or external power, and is ready for use.

Note that, unlike feeling the soil surface with your hand, this Monitor has thin probes that can sense the moisture level where it really matters, down in the plant’s root system up to 200mm below the surface, where it may be very moist even if the top surface of the soil has been dried by the air and sun, or exactly the opposite!

Operation consists of simply selecting the measurement to be made using the 3-position switch, and placing the Monitor’s probes in the soil.

Moisture is displayed on a scale of 0 (dry) to 10 (wet).

pH is displayed in the conventional pH scale with a range 3.5 (acid) to 8 (alkaline).

Light is displayed on a scale of 0-2000.

Size (approximate): 50 x 40 x 300mm including probes.
Weight (approximate):  60 grams.